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I have moved my homepage to Hugo which I think is the fastest static website generator.


I have moved my homepage to Hugo which I think is the fastest static website generator. On the other hand, I like the theme - Acadmic which is best for the persons who like me is in academia.

However, there is one problem that Hugo can not be automatically generated as Jekyll in Github Page. I referred to the solution which is provided by the author of Acadmic 1 to use Wercker to automatically generate the pages from source files to HTML. The processes are as below.

Setup Website

You need to firstly setup a hugo website, test it locally and upload to one of your github repositories. I assume the repository is homepage.

Create Personal Website Repository

I use as the personal website repository.

Setup Wercker

You can treat Wercker as an automatically builder which can build your website imediatly after you push your update with git.

It is also very easy to use, which you just need to setup an application on Wercker with logining wity your Github account. You just need to follow the instruction below to setup the automatically builder for your website:

  1. Login to Wercker with your github account such as Jinlai Xu.
  2. Add an application and setup the repository of the application to homepage.
  3. Add an wercker.yml file in your repository for example Wercker.yml example
  4. You need to modify the above wercker.yml with your own repo name and your own domain name.
  5. Add a $GIT_TOKEN parameter in your wercker application to make it possible to access your github repositories. You can refer to 2 to get the details.
  6. Add a deploy step after build step in your wercker application’s Workflows page.
  7. Upload you website to homepage to test if your wercker application is automatically run.

Wercker.yml example

box: golang

    - add-to-known_hosts:
        fingerprint: 16:27:ac:a5:76:28:2d:36:63:1b:56:4d:eb:df:a6:48
        type: rsa
    - script:
        name: initialize and update git submodules
        code: |
            git submodule init
            git submodule update --remote --recursive
    - arjen/hugo-build:
        version: "0.20.7"

    - lukevivier/gh-pages:
        token: $GIT_TOKEN
        basedir: public
        repo: xujinlai/

  1. Create a Free Personal Academic Website with Hugo ↩︎

  2. Creating a personal access token for the command line ↩︎

Jinlai Xu (徐锦来)
Jinlai Xu (徐锦来)

My research interests include Big Model Training/Inference/Finetune Framework, Serverless Computing, Distributed Systems, Fog/Edge and Cloud Computing, Stream Processing Optimization and Blockchain-based Techniques